Monday, March 09, 2009

Snow place like home

We enjoyed a typical Wisconsin winter storm yesterday, within the same seven day period during which we got our first sunburns of the year.

Beginning with rain, we moved into freezing rain, then sleet, then dense snow...as mentioned previously, cream cheese would best describe its density (at least, to the shovelers -- it stuck on the shovels).

Our mail carrier was very thankful when we installed this new box last spring, as she doesn't have to leave her car to deliver most packages. It was a very low skill project (all the digging), except for the welding part.

Such a beautiful morning.

Our house is hiding behind these heavily laden trees. They normally provide a pleasant, shady canopy for eating breakfast or lunch overlooking our garden, which is very sunny.

We got ice.

In Mexico, we don't buy much in the way of souvenirs, unless you count these these great clothespins! Perfect for little hands, and they have these cute alligators on them. Just haven't found anything in the States like these.

Below: We bought the washer on the left at a garage sale for $15 during a 4 week period in which our wonderful, computer driven, $$$, front loader was waiting for parts. (Our front loader is wonderful, but they don't make them like these anymore.)

This wringer washer works wonderfully and was in mint-condition. They obviously used rain water for washing. A neighbor up the road saw how much we enjoyed using it, and offered us a second one for free. Our neighbor works at the landfill, and often finds gems like this. It's nice having friends in high places.

So far, this is the only branch down that we've discovered. If the wind picks up before all this starts melting, we will probably lose a lot more, but its very still this morning.

Below: you'd normally be looking at the gate to our garden, which you see under these branches.

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