Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Higher ground

We are enjoying the unexpected this spring. After snow on Saturday, we looked forward to a sunny day on Monday to hit the trail!

With few exceptions, most abrupt changes in altitude in Wisconsin are due to big piles of rocks. One exception is Roche a Cri, located near Friendship. It is a big hunk of laminated sandstone which forgot to erode along with the surrounding landscape.

Monday was Benjamin's 17th birthday, so we celebrated by scaling the hunk of sandstone. We packed a simple backpacker's lunch...cheese, trail mix, apples and root beer.

This was a much anticipated trip. We really enjoy "backpacking". Sammy and Gideon were the only ones with actual backpacks, and we consumed our lunch on the hour drive to the park. Gideon was carrying diaper changing supplies for Joshie. Sammy was carrying a compass and a history book by Winston Churchill (for Zak).

The ice has not gone off of all the lakes, but this creek was flowing. We read that the rusty color of the water is due to the dye in the roots of the trees that border the rivers in this part of the state.

The main park entrance hasn't opened, but the winter access remains open for winter sports. We met a few other hikers who assured us that the trail up top was fine.

Rock layers of soft sandstone. There are petroglyphs at the bottom.

I'm thankful we noticed Gideon wasn't wearing socks before we left the house.

Liked canned mushrooms on pizza, newcomers have to get used to certain quirky things about the midwest. Like hiking up stairs!

Everyone zipped happily upward, but Mommy had to take it slow, for the baby.

The view from the top deck: beautiful, breezy and relaxing.

Sarah took turns with the camcorder.

It was in the low 40's, which was very pleasant for hiking. The trees here don't noticeably start leafing out until the end of May. But there are other obvious signs of spring here: MOSQUITOES!!!!

Joshy made it up the rock without even working up a sweat!

We rested up top for quite a while. Then, it was back down the "trail".

Happy birthday Ben! We love you!

Heading downstairs was just as fun.

Looking up at big brother.

What was that thing that goes before a fall....?

Giddy up!

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