Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Dad Race

Our friends, J and Heidi, invited us and the Baxters over for food and sledding. We said yes and just trusted that they knew what they were doing.

The Schaefers are blessed with a big beautiful house that is definitely open to friends and family! One of the first things that the Klein kids noticed was the Schaefers' verse a day white board.

Even though the day was unusually warm and beautiful, everyone was content to hang out and visit, sing and pray, for quite awhile.

Lauren and I got to catch up a bit.... the Schaefers' place is kind of a half-way point for our families. We are thankful the Baxters have had a lot less sickness this year! We're always blessed by Mark's musical gifts. He and Lauren enjoy writing praise songs.

Heidi is expecting her first daughter! This will make Schaefer team a team of six! We so enjoy their sweet family and are encouraged by the path, as parents, that the Lord is taking them on.

All manner of chili was consumed. The food, by J, was superb! Our Sammy with Emmaus Schaefer.

Most of the crowd walked over to the fearful slope, but a small second party drove over in our bus.

Our Ben and Jaron Baxter are mature enough to not be embarrassed by wearing the same snow pants.

Here are some of the girls going down.

Just as twilight was fading out for the day, a call for the Dad Race rang out. The shouts of agreement were so loud, nobody realized I was the one who said it.

The men selected their chariots, and the videographer descended to the foot of the, uh, mountain to catch the event for posterity.

Who won the Dad Race?
Who is the fastest dad?
The viewer may decide for himself.

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And here are the champions afterwards...no hard feelings!

(Thanks to Mark B for the photo!)

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