Saturday, February 14, 2009

As if

We had a realtor showing this afternoon, so we decided it would be a good time to do some photos of the house while it was all cleaned up.

Then, we thought it would be fun to take some photos of the rooms without all the extra furniture in them. That is, removing the "island table" from the kitchen (as it is a eat-in kitchen, but the table makes that hard to visualize). And removing the tables from the living room (which we use for the everything room). So we were hoping to quell some of the "15 people live here" look.

Here is what you see when you enter our kitchen.

Here are the cute corner shelves (lacking a bit of trim, which is in production as we type) and the hall to The Yucky Bathroom. TYB will be its own feature when we get around to it.

The big black fridge is where the stove was located when we first moved in.

The painting on top of the fridge (photo below) is by Dave's mom. It looks just like the land we drove through on our trips to southern Mexico. The hat next to it was purchased by a street vendor in Reynosa while we waited to cross the Rio Grande back into Texas. It is Dave's hat, and its such a great hat that I hung it up higher so it would stop being used for dress up. You can also see the chips leftover from last night!

This is the great spice rack. I decided to add some curtains. It was a window; why hide it?

The shelves in the foreground are Zak's design. We are replacing the shelves and painting them to match the woodwork.

The microwave hood was a bear to install, but the boys did great.

Here we are moving into the living room. This picture window is framed by cabinets and shelves Zak built a while back. The window seat has storage. Its really nice.

You can see Zak's built-in shelves here. This is the same direction as the spice shelf wall. Nice big room, huh?

This window is to the right of the big picture window. Click on the photo to see the new hole we made in the wall while moving the furniture to take this photo!

The volcano poster is the wall opposite the picture window.

Same wall, but towards the kitchen.

Here's the secret to our great photos! Every space that was not visible in the photos was packed like this with stuff!

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