Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back from Wisconsin CHEA conference

We had a very full weekend at the conference, and were blessed to meet lots of new families. We will write more about it when I get the photos zapped onto my computer.

One of the neat things about this weekend was meeting the Gumness family who had a table right next to ours in the exhibit hall. Aside from being really kind, special and generous people (I think our family consumed 50% of their candy inventory), they happen to know friends of Dave's cousin in Mexico! The Gumness have a heart for missions, which was really encouraging to us. One of their sons is heading for a very familiar place in Mexico! Dave's cousin, Danny Klein, has been serving in Mexico for a long time, and that is the same area where their son will be visiting! Small world!

More later. We are catching up on laundry, trying to contain some rebel ducks, and dealing with other pressing matters. No ticks since we arrived home....

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