Thursday, June 12, 2008

...and then some

We are having a little more rain today. Our entire garden is submerged, actually the entire photo we showed previously. We are in the basement, as we keep getting warnings. We have a stream going through the basement as well, with an inch or so of running water. So we are wet inside and out. The roof is still holding up well. We had ice-damming over the winter, so we were wondering if there was any leakages, but praise the Lord, nope.

Dave's vanpool is taking an alternate route home, as the interstate, which crosses the Wisconsin River, is closed for observation.

Before the deluge, we had already had 1/2 inch of rain this morning, which is nothing to snort at. I am guessing a couple of more inches by now. Sounds like more rain expected tonight. I think we'll be shopping for a new sump pump tonight.

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