Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rainy weekend!

We had eight inches of rain this weekend!

It started out as a pleasant, sunny morning, and we had breakfast outside. I even watered the garden.

You can see the little yellow donut sprinker above. The snow peas have bounced back from the ducks' munchings. Everything has come up, but we've had a cool spring, so nothing has gotten that big yet.

In front of the veggie garden, we have a "butterfly" garden, full of pretty but useless plants. Note the location of the rocks.

After breakfast and devotions, we headed into the house for a plethora of tasks: plumbing repairs, organizing basement and attic, computer tasks, baking.

Hannah catching up on our bank reconciliations.

Giddy "helping" Abi make dinner rolls.

Ben updating Juglist website.

Oh, we also fed the ducks and CHANGED THEIR WATER.

We were so into getting our stuff done that we didn't pay too much attention to the rain as it started. However, the storm warnings on the radio were pretty numerous, and we decided to take the tornado warning serious, by heading down to our basement...not before the boys barbequed our turkey dogs. However, we decided to let them warm in the oven, until the storm passed.

That took quite a while, as we had several tornado WARNINGS, and the sky was fairly green. Green skies are this wacky, scientifically unexplained phenomenon with tornadic storms. Prior to this, Dave did not really believe in the green sky thing. But, he pointed it out to me, as it was GREEN. Wish we would have taken a photo of it.

Eventually, things cooled down a bit. We never had tornadoes or even much wind or lightening, but gallons of RAIN. We went up to have lunch. The steady weekend stream of vacation traffic on our highway, heading for Wisconsin Dells, had stopped for over an hour, due to the threat of tornados.

Slowly, our garden started filling up with water.

Here is an island of zuchinni.

Here is the submerged butterfly garden, and you can see how far up the flooding went. Actually, before it was done, the area up to the duck was also submerged. The ducks pigged out all day on refugee worms!

So we didn't really need to run the sprinkler.

It appears just about all the garden, which was 3/4 submerged, has come through alright. The last of the water was about gone this morning (Tuesday). Our basement still has new waterfalls from the outside walls, but the boys kept the pumps cleaned out and pumping. It could have been much worse. We are very thankful that our roof did not leak one bit, and that the rain will significantly decrease the tick population.

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Unknown said...

Glad you didn't get too "water logged", Klein family! Or that you didn't have any tornado touch downs near you!
Our farm is fine but a few miles away are little town of North Freedom isn't doing so good! :( It is pretty flooded!
Blessings from the Vande Hei's!