Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 Missions Fair Recap

February 20 was the second annual St. Louis Homeschool Missions Fair!
We are very thankful for the many
that braved the winter icy road conditions
that evening to attend and participate!

This year we learned about:


South Korea


The ministry of Gospel for Asia

(some) Unreached peoples in China

and Iceland!

It was a very neat time of learning about what God is doing through His servants around the world, and of how much there still is to do!

As well as enjoying good fellowship...

...and good food. :)

Along the lines of food, here's Sarah trying some South Korean Kimchi!  Great stuff!

After dinner was the presentation time. 
Here is the Young family talking about Mexico 
(peek-a-boo, Daddy ;)

The Crosse Family shared about the ministry of Gospel for Asia. 

The Johnsons told us about Iceland

and assorted Kleins shared about several unreached people groups in China.

Mr. Johnson closed our time in prayer, and then everyone cleaned up real fast 
so we could make it home before the roads completely iced over!

See? We were hurrying! :)

Praise the Lord, everyone made it to their respective homes without incident!

We look forward to doing this again next year, Lord willing! 
Such a wonderful evening, 
and we thank the Lord for the opportunity to help put this together. 

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