Friday, August 02, 2013

Twelve years ago today

Twelve years ago today, our day began with a phone call that Dave's dear mom had gone to be with the Lord.  We had left California a few years before, and we were living in Minnesota at that time.  

Grandma Carmen

I never knew you, but you knew me
I did not have much of a choice
But I am longing your face to see
I want to hear your dear voice
If I could choose, I know what I would want
To grow up under your care
But our dear Savior had other plans
And you are so much better there

I hear the stories of your life down here
They make me love you the more
Your love for Christ makes you all the more dear
As I walk where you've gone before
Your strong reliance upon the Lord
Your joy and deep humility
Your love for Jesus and for His word
Those things are my legacy

You are much more than a Grandma to me
You are a hero for Christ
I am so thankful, and always will be
For the heritage of your life
You are a treasure that I long to see
But until then, as I run this race
I want to follow Christ as faithfully
Till the day that I look on your face

-- Hannah Rose Klein, who was 5 at that time

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