Thursday, August 08, 2013

We meet again!

We have been blessed by several visits from family during our time here in Washington.  We try to stay headquartered here at the museum, and it has been a good place to meet.

Grandpa Edd and Bachan flew up just to see us!  

"Hey, tell me a story, kid."

Bachan makes herself at home.

Road trip.

The big boys chilling.

Saying goodbye takes a while!

Poor Uncle Chuck, passing through on his way to the Klein reunion, didn't know what hit him!  He is the youngest of the nine.

And here we have...

Grandma and Grandpa Klein...also in the area for the Klein reunion.

Off to do some blueberry picking.

The proof is in the muffins.

It's a grandma thing; you wouldn't understand.

Playing "dictionary" to win, kinda. 

Haven't seen Aunt Helen since this little girl was a baby in Minnesota!

Watch out for those Kleins-- especially if you happen to be a bowl of ice cream.

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