Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy birthday, Hannah!

Today, Hannah turns 17 years old!  Hannah was our number six baby, not quite our "half-way" point (which keeps changing).  

She was born when our oldest was 8 years old, and we still lived in California.  So she ate a LOT of cheerios off the floor.

The Blessings of Motherhood 

The blessings of Mothers are so many, 
They are so full, and they are free. 
God gave Mothers children, 
For us to enjoy, He did intend. 
God says they are like arrows, 
The same God who protects the sparrows. 
The blessing of Motherhood, 
They are so nice, and they are good. 
Children are made to bless, 
They shouldn’t be the cause of stress. 
But there’s one blessing indeed, 
To this fact you should give heed:
For God has entrusted you 
To do things that are true, 
And invest in the lives of your children 
Like the chicks with their hen, 
You can plant seeds in their hearts 
And help give them a good start. 
Then when they are gone away, 
They’ll do the same thing someday, 
And the cycle will go on and on 
Even when you are long gone. 
The blessings of Motherhood, you can see, 
Are intended for you and for me!

- Hannah Rose Klein, age 11

So Great A Salvation

So great a salvation; as great as the cost
The blood that was poured out for us on the cross 
As great as the Savior that died in our place
As great as the Father who is rich in grace
So great a salvation: for great was our sin
Great was the atonement that brought us to Him

So great a salvation; greater than our doubt
That would leave us fearing we will be cast out
Greater than the failures we make every day
Greater than the straying we make in our way
So great a salvation: great is the mercy
Great the love that bought us and that set us free

So great a salvation: great should be our praise
To Him who has given to us His great grace
Great should be our thankfulness to our Savior
Great should be our worship as a sweet savor
So great a salvation: what else can we give
To Him who saved us but the life that we live

-  Hannah Rose Klein, age 16

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The Mayo Family said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday!
Love~ the Mayo Maidens