Wednesday, November 07, 2012

God is in control

I know that many of our friends are disappointed by the results of yesterday’s election. It’s probably safe to say that most Christians in the U.S. are disappointed that the current president was re-elected. To be honest, in my flesh, I am disappointed too.

But I confessed that disappointment to the Lord this morning, because I realized that yesterday’s election went according to His plan. I was reminded of the clear teaching in Romans 13:1: “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.”

When looking at that verse we often focus on the first part about being subject to authorities. But the rest of the verse clearly shows us that Barack Obama is the President of the United States because the Lord appointed him to that post.

We don’t know the reasons that the Lord has for setting those in power that He does, but we don’t need to. He knows and that is enough. Throughout history God has chosen, at different times and for His purposes, to place in power a ruler who the people would not have chosen. In Scripture, we see God referring to even wicked rulers as His servants. Because all rulers are His servants.

I don’t mean to rub salt in anyone’s wounds here, but any Christians who voted yesterday for someone other than Barack Obama voted against the will of God. Your vote was cast against the one whom God, in His wisdom, had chosen. Since we don’t and can’t know when God might choose to place the lesser man in office, how can we ever cast a vote, knowing that we might be opposing God?! This highlights one of the reasons we don’t vote.

And if we say that “if only more Christians had voted, President Obama would not have won,” then we are saying that we believers can, if we band together, thwart the will of the Lord.

Romans 13 shows us, clearly, that God will place in authority those that He chooses. In a democracy (or a democratic republic), men think that they can choose their own leaders, but they attempt it in vain. In the end, the Lord chooses leaders as He sees fit. Knowing this, why would we try to affect the outcome at all? Why would we risk putting ourselves in opposition to God, as so many believers did yesterday? Why not just focus on the task He has given us here, and let Him take care of the affairs of the nations? He is qualified. We are not.

Humbly, your brother,


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Joanne said...

Amen, God is in control. Choosing to trust the Lord instead of participating in politics can make many (professing Christians) quite upset.

Let us pray for Obama. Pray that he would have wisdom and discernment to lead this country right. Most importantly, we must be very careful that we LOVE him. I have seen so many professing christians 'bashing' him and spreading hate. There is no such thing as a hateful christian. A true christian loves.

God bless you all.