Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Daniel's arrival

We have found him!

Daniel Amos Klein was born at home
on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, at 9:40 pm.

He weighed 7 lbs, 14 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long.

He has blonde hair!

His brothers and sisters
waited patiently for his arrival,
serenading him from the den.

He made a quick debut
after just about 3 hours of active labor.
The whole family, just about,
has had a bad cough for weeks!
Including Mommy!

Suddenly, a text message rang out!
"He's here!"
The line formed...

Ten fingers, ten toes,
one quart battery, two retina-enabled front facing cameras...

Being first-born has its priviledges.

And second-born.

And third born.

Fourth born.


Sixth born.

Seventh born, and sharing "middle child" position with...

the eighth born. They are handling it pretty well so far.

Ninth born.

Tenth born. Boys rule!

Eleventh born.

Twelfth born.

And your typical thirteenth born...

Everyone's comment:
"Can't believe he's here already!"

Hannah dresses baby Daniel for the first time ever!

Daniel Amos is named for some dear family/friends.
It's only a coincidence that his hair points to the sky... Uncle Eddie.

"Happy is the man
that hath his quiver full of them..."
Psalm 127:5


Nitalinb said...

Praise the Lord! You guys are all beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.

The Baxters said...

We are so thankful all is well despite the recent sickness. Maybe you coughed him out? Not normally the recommended way.
We do rejoice with you in the birth of Daniel and look forward to seeing him and all the rest of you in late May.

The Baxters
(You really have a boy thing going now, don't you?)

Mazzou said...

He is so cute. :)
I loved seeing all the pictures.

Belley Family said...

What a blessing! CONGRATULATIONS!He looks like Mama! (:

Jennifer D said...

Yay for babies!! He's beautiful Dave and Debbie! Happy is the man indeed! :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations!!!!!! We are all jumping and squealing (literally) for joy here at the Dyer place!

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics, so good to "see" you all with your new blessing!

May God bless you and your family Daniel Amos Klein!

Love, Tessa and the Dyer family

Jepsons said...

Thanks for the wonderful news! Praise the Lord AmEN!!!!!
Love the Jepsons

Judith said...

What a beautiful baby and family!! I love the pictures and comments. I didn't know you had another blog...sorry for overlooking it somewhere along the line.

Judith said...

What a beautiful baby and family. I love all the pictures and comments for each child.

Mandy Momof9 said...

A very happy congratulations on your new little boy. We are all so very happy for you -- all the way from New Hampshire!

Anonymous said...

Jeffers Family here with the Wilkerson kids: Love seeing the pics. So excited for you all. Daniel is so handsome and looks to be surrounded by a lot of love. Lord bless you all, Maria Jeffers

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your sweet baby boy:)

Anonymous said...

Yay he is here ! We cant wait to see you all at CHEA!

Unknown said...

CONGRATS, you have such a beautiful family. I love all the pics.....your friends the Knopf's

Paul said...

Thank You Lord!!!

... When his beautiful Klein sense of humor gets big enough, you can tell him you just coughed and out he came! :)

... Hey, what's the population over that way nowadays? ;)

Paul said...

Hey, yer blog's got no "Like" buttons fer lazy people!

... so heer's 1 fer ya anyhow!
>>> [LIKE] _/] 1 peeples likes dis!

Mrs. Mari said...

Congratulations on the arrival of Daniel. I am sure is settled in nicely from one set of arms to another--don't we all wish to be hold that way by people that love us so much.

I am a reader of your blog, dear friends with the Maxwell's and Annah and Rebecca fit in there somewhere. I do enjoy your blog and all that keeps you all so busy. Hoping someday your work brings you out to Seattle and I can attend your worksops.

In the meantime, our prayers are with you, and again congratulations of baby Daniel.

Blessings, Mrs. Mari

Tamara Eaton said...

What a joy to see photos of all your blessings! Congratulations on little Daniel! Praying for the Lord's continued blessings upon all of your family. I'm rejoicing with you in all the Lord has done and will continue to do! Sending love and hugs. :-)

Anonymous said...

Our front loading washer went out, we are pretty sure due to the new home-made laundry GEL we were using (does it go in the LIQUID slot? The POWDER? how about neither?) --The Bucks