Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Verse a day -- any comments????

We are re-doing a display board that we have at our literature table at homeschool conferences. It is regarding family devotions. We want to encourage Christian families in this important discipline. Much of the text on the display board is found in the little booklet on our website, called "How To Teach Your Children A Verse A Day".

Here is the main text of the display board, which really draws attention at our table!

The Secret that Everyone Already Knows

Do you want to know a secret?

The children that have been raised with an hour of Bible study every morning
are going to know more of the Bible
than the graduates of Bible institutes and religious seminaries.

Why? Because everything that little children learn, they learn better than an adult.
For example, small children can learn to play violin
better than those who learn it as an adult.
Those who learn to speak a foreign language as children
will speak it better than an adult.
Those who learn to play soccer as children
will play it better than those who learn it later in life.

That is the secret,
but the truth of the matter
is that it is no secret.
Everyone already knows it,
but the majority don't apply it to teaching the Bible to their children.

Wow, huh?

We have heard some really nice comments in the past from parents who have been blessed by the LORD in their efforts to have a daily devotion time with their children. We would like to have some written comments from folks, if possible, for our new board. If you happen to see this note, and would like to be an encouragement to other parents, please send us an email with your comments to daveanddebklein@yahoo.com -- or comment here if you prefer. If we get the comments in time, we'll put them on our display board. I know its a busy time for many, so if you don't see this until later, we'd still love to hear from you.

We are busy getting ready for the first of the two conferences we will be attending. We are stretched and frazzled at times, but the Lord keeps helping us keep our eyes on him, because he is the one we are doing this for!

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Jennifer said...

Hello Klein family! I wanted to give a comment of your "verse a day" post, but with a slight twist. We have been reading through the OT with the children (we are now in 2 Kings). But before we started in Genesis, we read many different passages every night to commit them to memory. And you know what? They've stuck with us. The children currently know, from memory, Psalms 1,2,23,24,and 32, John 1:1-18 and I Cor. 13 (the entire chapter). We go back over them periodically to keep them fresh in our heads, but we are very proud of their accomplishments (not to mention the help we get with memorizing the scriptures!). Just in case people are wondering, our children are ages 8, 6, 4.5, 3 and 16 mths (obviously the 2 younger ones don't have them memorized. Yet.) Our 8 yr old knows them all very well. Out 6 yr old knows them almost as well and our 4.5 yr old knows far more than I did at 4.5! (if you are interested, here is a link to hear the children quote Psalm 1:

If you can use this comment, feel free to use it any way you need to (even if you need to edit it some).