Monday, May 11, 2009

If thy veggie offend thee

Something that perks everyone up after the hour long drive to church is Dad's tradition of giving everyone a sugarless breath mint as they disembark the bus. As we all got settled in our seats in the minutes before the meeting started, Gideon (4), sucking on his mint, informed Daddy that one of his brothers had somehow worked the system so that he possessed three breath mints.

Intending to settle the matter during the break, Daddy hastily stated that the thrice-minted brother was simply being greedy, and instructed Giddy to get in his seat.

Momentarily obedient, Giddy couldn't restrain the urge to share Daddy's assessment with the object of his envy. He quickly delivered the news to his brother and returned to his seat.

"Daddy says you're a green bean."


The Mayo's said...

We seem to think we know your family....um? Or those whom you know! Are you in central WI? Or Hillsboro area? Do you travel...there for fellowship? Um...enjoying your blog!
Momma of 8

Debbie said...

We are in central WI and we love to visit the folks in and near Hillsboro! Ron and Cassie and family are much beloved!
Blessings, the Kleins

The Mayo's said...

Wow! We just knew it! Tried to e-mail you today...problems w/ yahoo? Try again tomorrow! Yes they are a blessing (Ron & Cassie).
God bless,
Momma of 8