Saturday, July 19, 2008

Invasion of the "old people"!

(We call them "grandparents", but...Grandpa says, "us old people".)

Grandpa inspires fun just by showing up!

Grandma is a good sport too!

We had a great time of visiting and chatting, often in the house, as it suddenly got pretty hot outside! Grandma and Grandpa always have helpful ideas for stuff we are working on, such as Grandma's suggestion of using Comet cleanser to clean a dirty ice chest....DUH! It worked so good!

We enjoyed an evening walk with G&G, but poor Grandma is apparently immune to insect repellent and got munched badly! At least the skeeters were happy?

Dave had to work for the first day they were here, but took off Friday, so we had more time for visiting.

Grandma enjoyed seeing the new kitchen improvements! She suggested those counter corners were a certain trip to the ER, so we got wise and covered them with foam bumpers. Grandma is always a help with dishes. The kids have to be fast or she'll just do them all in a wink.

On their last day here, it was Dave and my T W E N T Y - T H I R D anniversary, so we coerced Grandma into making two of her many specialities: cabbage rolls and banana cream pudding pie. Ben and Abi made video of most of this, and she taught the girls all the tricks to these yummy Klein favorites.

While waiting for dinner to finish cooking, we played "dictionary". Poor Grandpa did not know what kind of, um, intelligence he was up against. When it was his turn to pick the word that all the players would "define", Ben had a doozie for him, and he nearly fell out of his chair trying to read it. I am sure its one of those "you had to be there" things. Ben is always willing to sacrifice a chance to win (by making a convincing definition) by causing an uproar with his crazy ones.

Dinner was yummy, and it was hard to say goodbye! We sent them off exhausted to the next set of grandchildren!

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