Saturday, July 26, 2008

Campfire time!

We finally had friends over for a CAMPFIRE!

We had been waiting for the perfect window of time, not too hot, not too cold, not too many mosquitoes, not too busy. It never came, so we just went for it! We decided to invite several families whom we haven't seen for a long time, knowing they wouldn't all be able to make it, and they (almost) all came!

Heidi and her boys came over first, which was a big blessing, as we had lots of things to wrap up, not the least of which, getting our laundry off the line. Her three blessings happily helped reel everything in and cart it into the house.

We BBQed turkey dogs and had them all warming in the roaster oven by the time everyone else started showing up. Much poultry was scarfed by all! Lauren brought a most excellent cabbage salad, the recipe for which I wish she would give me ASAP.

Heidi's hubby, J, met the rest of their tribe at our house. He, along with EVERYONE, was relieved (I think) to see the improved sanitary standards in our kitchen, as the remodel moves along. J is doing his basement at present, which sounds fun.

It seems our nearest neighbors, James and Anne and family, are the ones we have he hardest time ever seeing! Dave so much enjoys visiting with other dads, and this was no exception.

Zak always takes advantage of his visits with the Baxters, extracting as much guitar expertise as he can from Mark. Funny, Zak also has this same lighthouse Tshirt Mark is wearing in this photo. Coincidence?

Solomon took over the fire maintenance, as song time began. Mark and Zak took turns leading and following. Mark is just all over that fret board.

The high ratio of mosquito to people inspired Mark to create his new, old, standard, "the mosquito blues".

We set up lemonade and zuchinni bread stations nearby, in case the need arose. And it did.

We always tell our children, "Its only because of the Lord that we can have special times like this with our family in Christ!"

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