Saturday, September 21, 2013

Autumn Praise

O breeze that rustles waving grass,
That sighs your way o'er plain and hill,
And sways the leafy maple boughs,
While never resting, never still;

O birds that fly in heav'n above,
Who trace the path which years before
Your fathers laid, who, this same time,
Began their flight at autumn's door;

O trees, crowned now in all the fire
The seasons ever grant to you,
Who drop your beauty to the ground,
Enriching all with scarlet hue;

O sun, that dyes the scen'ry gold
With brightest glory ever seen,
A diamond pure, in sapphire set;
In sapphire strong, at peace, serene;

All nature come, join with me now,
O breeze and birds, the trees and sun:
Begin your autumn praise to Him —
Come sing the song that must be sung!

-- Hannah Rose Klein

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