Monday, May 20, 2013

The plan for tonight!

Hello Wisconsin friends!

We have a more or less finalized plan now. :)

We are looking at arriving in Madison this afternoon. The saints at Madison Grace Fellowship have graciously allowed us to use their building this evening, so we will be meeting there starting around 4. If you can’t make it till later that is fine. We are thinking potluck dinner would be at 5:30 or 6. Please bring your own place settings.

The church’s address is 5201 Turner Ave.

Part of this meeting is a surprise birthday party for Sarah, who is turning 20 on June 2. If anyone would be inkleined to bring cupcakes, that would be great for Sarah’s birthday. Please don’t worry about bringing gifts — your presence will be a wonderful gift! She is expecting to have her birthday out west and in the midst of unpacking and settling into our summer post, so celebrating early with you all will be very special. :)

We really look forward to seeing you tonight!

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