Friday, March 29, 2013

But there was more

I looked at the grass beneath my feet,
And thought of the way it grew so fair.
I looked at the trees, the grave mesquite,
And felt with all them the blowing air.
Exquisite design shining softly
In each branch, each leaf, each tender sprout.
Detailed craftsmanship was plain to see;
No clear thinking mind had room to doubt.
  And I wondered: but there was more.

I looked at the sea, the sun, the sky,
And watched as the waves lapped at the shore.
I looked at the moon, rising on high
Enshrouded with clouds of flurrying hoar.
The order of time, as days tick past;
Moonlit attraction, pulling the tides;
The path of the sun, o'er ocean vast;
They point to a Hand that all this guides.
  And I wondered, but there was more.

I looked at the stars, with vast command,
Almost without bounds, without confine.
I looked at the path, galactic strand,
And thought of its size, the sparkling shine.
The grandeur immense, the power displayed
Overpowers all this world below:
So many the sum of gems arrayed,
How can one take in this cosmic show?
  And I wondered, but there was more.

I looked up to Him who spoke the word,
And there sprung to life all that now is;
I looked up to Him, whose voice is heard
Through His creation, which sings His praise.
Omnipotent One, it can be no less;
Transcendent One, above this sphere;
The All-Knowing One, nature attests;
All this He must be, it is too clear.
  And I wondered, but there was more.

I looked on His names, exalted high,
Proclaiming His truth, His righteousness;
I looked harder still, with fearful eye,
Each one sounding forth His holiness.
I said, Who am I to lift my face?
Unworthy vile wretch, deserving death!
How can I now stand up in this place;
Not worthy of life, yet blessed with breath?
  And I wondered, but there was more.

I looked down again: my eyes were drawn
To a sloping hill; I traced its brow.
I looked on the cross against the dawn;
And then I could see, see clearly now.
His infinite love! that saw my sin
That paid such a price, to set me free;
The Maker of all still loved me when
I was deep in sin: He died for me!
  And I wondered, but there was more.

I looked down the slope, and in the vale
And looked in the tomb left open wide.
I looked, and I knew all it entailed:
He's risen! and I am justified!
Such love and such grace I can't repay,
Forgiveness and joy so deep, so wide:
And now on His throne, He hastes the day
When He shall fetch me to be His bride!
  And I wondered, but there was more.

  And more there shall be.

--  Hannah 


bassplayer7 said...

Great poem, Hannah. Thank you for sharing it. Praise The Lord that we serve a risen Savior!

The Price Family said...

To God be the Glory! That is a beautiful poem!