Saturday, October 06, 2012

Here we go again...

Fall is really showing its colors here and we are learning, as a family, the importance of entrusting loved ones and our family to the Lord.  As sure as the leaves are gonna change, trials are going to come and our God is faithful.  His Word gives us the wisdom and encouragement we need each day.

Lately we have begun preparations for CocoaConf PDX, including continuing RV conversion on our third bus

First step is the passenger compartment.  We are doing a more rugged, inexpensive and Klein-proof interior.   We learn a bit more with each project.

One important lesson is...use the right tools.

Daddy's ready!  He is a skilled craftsman, indeed.

We are building from the ground up.  The little boys are extremely enthusiastic about helping.  Today, they ripped out the original floor, and now we are building up a sub floor and insulating with, what else but, insulation!  Noah is a crackerjack styrofoam cutter.  

We are also paneling the sidewalls with leftover paneling from the blue bus.  Then we will get some floor covering...  something that looks good with school bus grey upholstery and light oak paneling.

The girls are busy fashioning some very sharp looking forest green window coverings, hearkening back to their Grandpa Bill's ingenious window covering plan for The Greenie (Chevy Suburban).

We try to use as much as we can from previous projects.  We already re-installed the very Klein-proof triple bunks.  We are keeping the previous dinette tables, but just using bus benches for seating.  The dinette tables will drop down and their surface will fit two bus seats perfect, so we will just save some of the surplus seats.  This will yield a water resistant (if you know what I mean) comfortably padded sleeping surface.

After the floor and paneling are done, we will start getting things furnished.  We have been really looking forward to this!

More pictures will almost certainly come.

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Nitalinb said...

Oh, you are hilarious. I just LOVE it! The part about "something that looks good with school bus grey" got me going, and I am still laughing. Thank you so much, I just wish you'd bring that bus by for a visit. Preferably today. :-)