Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Happy 22nd Birthday, Abigail Michelle!

Baby Abi with Grandma Jemelie,
who is spoken of in the letter below

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If Heaven was a Paradise 
of sweetness and delight
With every want I’ve ever had 
and not a care in sight
With mountains high, clear sunny skies, 
and sandy ocean shore
All natures beauty pure anew, 
as Eden was before
My favorite food, my favorite drink, 
and comforts there for me
No sickness, pain or sorrow, 
no death I’d ever see
If all my friends I missed so much 
were with me once again
To join me in a life of bliss 
that wouldn’t ever end
I wonder - in a place like this, 
a Paradise so fair
Could I be satisfied in Heaven 
if the Savior wasn’t there?
- Abigail Michelle Klein


Judith said...

An amazing story of God's protection. Happy Birthday!!

Pauline said...

And a beautiful poem too...:)

Nitalinb said...

I love the poem!