Monday, May 14, 2012

Pre-conference preparations!!!

After an April spent by most of us lying around coughing, consuming mass quantities of garlic and cayenne cold remedies, Kleenix and herbal teas, plus some of us having a baby (mostly me), unfinished April projects have rolled over into May. So, we have been scrambling to get two months worth of projects done in a few weeks....because it is almost conference time!!!

We are so thankful to have our next RV school bus conversion underway and in our driveway!

Solomon and Noah have removed several unneeded benches to serve our initial needs for space. We still have tons of stuff to do, but the preliminary stuff should be done in time for our upcoming trip to Wisconsin, praise the Lord!

We are catching up on our laundry backlog after our front loader became a sogging machine. We are making periodic trips to the laundromat until the repairman comes, hopefully tomorrow!

We are doing lots of shopping.

And taking lots of pictures our sweet littlest Klein. His little head was once entirely covered in downy blonde hair but now has developed a smooth bald spot on top, which we think is where he is kissed most frequently. We have to wash his scalp frequently, as he often smells like whatever condiment was used for the most recent meal (e.g. ketchup).

We have a new supply of The Education of Kings in production and anticipate having plenty for our conferences this year!

Most of the kids have gotten much more civil about waiting in line for their turn to hold baby Daniel Amos.

The girls have been working hard on renovating our former office into a larger girls' room. It will also serve as a guest bedroom, and we are anticipating guests, so we are jamming!!!!

At just about one month of age, Daniel gives each photographer the hope that they will be the one to snap his first voluntary smile. You can almost make one out here. (This photo was pre-bald-spot.)

Projects involving the girls usually come in closer to budget because they don't require as much Mountain Dew.

Abi and Susanna re-caulked the scary caulk in the guest bathroom so our guests don't run screaming for their lives!

Sarah is surveying the purpler walls of the new girls' room.

Hannah is printing, folding and stapling as unto the Lord!

Zak is working hard on his client's new site, though sometimes he feels he isn't getting anywhere.


Nitalinb said...

Love it! Especially the picture of Zak.

Judith said...
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Anonymous said...

So Excited to see you all in May !

And in June !



Unknown said...

It so fun to get a glimpse of Klein life...:) We are looking forward with great anticipation to seeing you all in a a week, and especially to meeting Mr. Daniel!

See y'all soon!


Judith said...

Loved reading about your month and I am especially inkleined to love the pictures of baby Daniel and the girls the most :-)

Mrs. Mari said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now, finding you by way of the Rebecca and Annah K. Your newest little addition is adorable!!

I do enjoy watching how you transform a retired school bus into an RV. I am curious, and hope you do not mind my asking, how you decided to use a school bus for your RV as opposed to a charter bus, like the Maxwells and Duggars use, I do recall reading that the Duggars were selling their remodeled bus, and why would prevent you from buying that already fixed up one instead of beginning from scratch?

You have a beautiful family.

Blessings, Mrs. Mari

Debbie said...

Hey Mrs. Mari!

We initially decided to go for a "schoolie" because of the higher ground clearance and because they are nearly Klein-proof!

School buses are built according to strict safety codes for transporting students, which coincidentally makes them almost indestructible (though we did intentionally destroy one when we scrapped it bit by bit!).

We needed the higher ground clearance for occasional road conditions in Mexico. And for parking in our steep driveway here in St Louis!

Thanks for the note!