Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dream big

The Lord greatly blessed our endeavors at CocoaConf, and we are working on a full report!

So much has been going on around here lately — not the least of which is in Gideon’s mind. Sarah recorded the following recent brainstorm, in which Giddy demonstrates his complete acceptance of the rapid burial hypothesis for fossil formation.

“I wish we had a big fish tank, like a mile-long fish tank, with lots of fish — even sharks — and we could dump cement all over it, and cover it up, and have a fossil dig.

“We’d need like three miles, ’cause three miles, that would be a lot to dig.

“We’d need at least six sharks, and hundreds of fish, ’cause sharks eat fish...

“...and catfish.

“And then you could have a fossil dig in your backyard... three miles...

“And you need a cliff, ’cause that will be funner, ’cause you could climb on it and make steps, and you could climb on the steps.

“So you need to have a cliff. Always.”

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Nitalinb said...

I only laughed at this one ~ but it's great!