Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you, Lord!

We are past homeschool conference season at the Klein residence... it was awesome! We will be flooding the internet with pixels ASAP.

The conference season often makes us feel like plastic wrap being stretched over a Pyrex bowl. We have stuff going on in every possible direction: staying up all night visiting with special friends who came to visit, overloading the garbage disposal with carrot peels, cleaning up carrot peels that exploded all over, cold virus, stomach virus, crazy work deadlines, last minute writing inspirations, hoping we can put off re-welding the back door of the bus, and trying to consume as much cayenne and raw garlic and honey as possible.

It's a little crazy, but it sure keeps us stuck to the bowl.


Micah D. said...

Sounds like fun :) Wish I could have been there :) :)

Nitalinb said...