Wednesday, January 05, 2011

"Where do we make fire?"

Joshie is 2 years old, and we include him in our chores as much as possible. A good, helpful, easy, physical job that he enjoys is switching laundry loads. This is really great for Mommy because it reduces the bending over! Oh the loads I did myself until I discovered that the little guys LOVE to do it!

Anyway, on this occasion, he was playing with the button that caused the light inside the dryer to go out when the door was closed. To distract him, I pointed out the decal near the button. The decal cautions users to not put anything soaked in flammable liquids in the dryer. Or you know what will happen.

This prompted Joshie, who associated the decal's warning with the light switch button, to give an impromptu sermon on the evils of pushing the button. He knows this would be bad, because the dryer is not where we are supposed to "make fire!"

Abi added subtitles, but I don't think they are necessary. His very last line is so sweet! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Very sweet!! Thank you Joshie for those words of wisdom. (:

Abigail for the Bradfords

Unknown said...

what a little cutie! wish that all children were aware of fire danger, so many are injured every year. He should be a spokeschild for fire prevention!!! Lov, /auntie Shar

Anonymous said...

Awwwww!!!!!! Actually, thank you, Abi, for putting the subtitles on, because for some reason the sound on our computer is not working!

Soooo cute.

God bless! Rebecca K.

Alicia said...

I love reading your blog! I miss your family and now that I live almost 3 hours away from my family I don't hear alot from them about you! Keep updating!!!!

Healthy said...

He is so sweet explaining us how to make (or not make ;) fire, I like the film very much.

Greetings from Poland

Kalyn Dyer said...

So cute ! Now We realy miss you!

Kalyn Dyer