Thursday, July 01, 2010

What goes up should go down

Solomon is a little up in the air as he flushes out the bathroom sewer vent, which we hope will take care of the slow draining in the basement bathroom. We have already snaked to the sewer main outside, as well as through the basement floor drain. This is after waking to find that someone had left the kitchen sink dribbling all night so that the kitchen flooded down to the....gasp....laundry room! Fortunately, it didn't hit carpeting or Daddy's Mac! So we spent the better portion of the morning cleaning up affected areas, topping it off with spilling a gallon jug of cider vinegar. No dice with the vent flushing... Wonder about the sewer lateral.

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Anonymous said...

Hello dear ones, we are sorry to hear
of the problems. If there is anything we can do let us know! When one of us has problems we all feel it. Are you able to do laundry?
We will be praying. "My help comes
from the Lord" PS 121:2 Love from
the Kellum's