Monday, June 21, 2010

Neither Whig nor Tory, but friend of both

We have finished the last of our printing for our literature table at the homeschool conference which begins tomorrow, and we are pretty ready to go.

We have added one new article that has been such an encouragement to us. It was written by, of all people, the writer of the hymn, "Amazing Grace," John Newton. Apart from a few unusual words (thraldom?), it seems like it could have been written yesterday. It is taken from a letter Newton wrote to a fellow minister of the gospel, regarding biblical principles of political involvement. You can check it out here.

Dave's article on "Reasons for Homeschooling and Why They Matter" is also now available on our site. It's so important to know what we are trying to accomplish before we decide how to do it, and that is the point of this article. We have found through the years that as we really sought for wisdom from the LORD about what our goals for our children are, the path became so much clearer.

(The unusual title to this post comes from the article by John Newton.)

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