Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stretching out

We had a nice morning and lunch with our church family in Madison. We got back to the house in the afternoon. Summer has arrived! We were all fairly worn out from the conference and the heat. We installed the window air conditioner and had our dinner and Bible time. It sure felt familiar! Tomorrow we hope to hit the laundromat, pack and clean up, thin some perrenials to bring back with us, and shop at our Amish country store before heading home. We'll see what happens....

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The Mayo Family said...

Hello Dear friends,
So blessed by our time together!
Hope all goes well on your trip back...
We all need to rest up now from the past week! Ha!
Go knowing... that you will be missed and others looking forward to a visit once again with yall!
Our love & prayers,
Mayo's x's 10