Sunday, April 04, 2010

Walking with the wise - part 1

I prayed a prayer for wisdom
just like a farmer prays for rain
'cause I knew that I must have it to survive in this life
And I stared out in the distance,
as it seemed so far away

And I waited for the lightning
but the lightning and the thunder never came.

So I took a look beside me,
to my left and to my right

and saw people full of wisdom
all around in my life

and it started to come clearer,
I began to understand

that my prayer was being answered,
its all part of God's plan

that if we walk with the wise, we will grow wise....

-- Steven Curtis Chapman

Socialization is such a popular topic when it comes to homeschooling. The implication is that children will miss out if they don't have lots of age-mates. They will be socially handicapped, etc. We think that is a bunch of bunk! Being around a bunch of age-mates is what handicaps us, whatever our age.

For example, young parents are handicapped when they just clique with their fellows. The memories we have, as young parents... so long ago.... pooling our ignorance, clueless about child-raising, and not even knowing it.

One friend would say, "I can never go shopping with my baby; my husband has to watch him while I go, otherwise, it takes too long." Does it get easier to shop with a young child who has never been trained to shop?

Another felt triumphant that she found a video which would hold her young child's attention so she could get her housework done without any interruptions. Hmmm....that will make the transition to chores a little difficult...

One mom (who will remain anonymous) used to feed her toddler macaroni and cheese every day for lunch, because "that's all Zak would eat". Ooops.

Anyway, socialization is truly important, and we are especially grateful to the Lord when he blesses us and our children with godly OLDER people.

What brings us so much joy is to see our children learning to appreciate the older and wiser. We are thankful for the Lord bringing so many into our lives.

I have learned to look for answers
from those born before my time
and I listen as they tell me what they've learned in their life
I talk to friends with understanding much deeper than my own
They give wisdom without measure I could never find alone....

What an answer to prayer has been a dear older sister from our church who has given generously of her time to teach our girls to sew!

Actually, we have had tidbits here and there of time with willing instructors in the past (such as our dear grandmas!), but we now have the space to work, and the Lord has provided generously!

Besides being very practical, sewing seems a great skill to facilitate teaching patience, humility (reading the instructions), attentiveness, etc.

What a sweet time of fellowship and fun! Thank you Lord for sister Irene!

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Unknown said...

Your skirt looks very nice. How wonderful that you have room for a sewing area.
Right now we have our sewing machine and supplies all squished in a corner of the girls room. :)