Friday, March 05, 2010


One of the benefits of having so many children is that you have more ears to catch the cute things the little ones say. Whenever we get together with friends, we love to exchange our favorites. We still reel over Timmy Bradford's comment to his sister, Abigail, while viewing a "skin and bones" type book for kids on human anatomy. After looking a picture of organs and blood vessels, he solemnly told his sister:

"I'm never going to take off my skin."

Our Rebekah (now 11) holds the all time Klein record for number of quotes. Her all-time best (in Mommy's opinion) was this one, when she was about 5 years of age, spoken with a slight tone of annoyance:

"If you guys keep writing down the cute things I say,
I'm just going to stop saying cute things."

Here are some recent quotes that we have recorded:

"I have a brain -- otherwise, why would my head be so hard?"
- - Gideon, 5 yrs.


"Why is it zero degrees at the Equator?"
-- Sammy, 7 years


After being asked if he washed his hands, Gideon replied,
"Yes! Now they're cleaner than ME!"


Try Gideon's new age-guessing trick:
"First, I ask them how old they will be on their NEXT birthday...."

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