Friday, September 25, 2009

The Egg-noggeration

Sarah made and hung her famous birthday Bible verse signs all over the house.  She embellished them with artwork cut from the cereal box...

Specially appointed guardians guarded the specially mixed Cheerio/Honey Nut Cheerio blend for the morning festivities.

We had a special celebration on Joshua Arthur's first birthday, August 27.

Unknown many, including Joshie, we have worked up the following trivia for him. It goes like this:

1. Joshie is the president of the country of Penguinlandia.
2. It is the only country in Antarctica.
3. The penguins are his constituents.
4. He is financing road construction by selling icebergs to north African countries on Ebay.
5. He is offering discounted citizenships to friends and family.
6. The national anthem of Penguilandia goes like this:
You've got a friend,
in Penguinlandia His name is Sven, 
in Penguinlandia You've got a friend, 
in Penguinlandia
It's the only country 

Immediately after he woke up he started saying "Wow, wow, wow..." but that was before he saw the decorations that his big siblings had created the night before...

We found an adorable "penguin suit" at Goodwill last spring, but rarely have had opportunity to use it, until now.

Here he is, greeting his constituents, with his handcrocheted penguin bath body scrub (???) we found at Goodwill.  Though he looks like he knows what is up, he is normally just a very happy baby boy.

What to wear to the Egg-noggeration? Penguin suits!

Fitting in with the constituents.

One of his first acts after the egg-nogeration was to eat cake.  Joshie enjoyed his carrot cake (Mommy picked that flavor).  His gifts were all penguin-based, but he finds it easier to say "duck", in two syllables:

du ----- ck!

We are so thankful for our littlest blessing!


The Mayo Family said...

A sweet lil' boy! He is so adorable...like all of your gift's!
Thanking God for your family...you are a encouragement to many!
The Mayo Family

Debbie said...

Howdy! How was Tennessee?

Dave so enjoyed talking with Roger! We sure hope to see you all sometime!

In Christ, the Kleins