Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let's all copy the BIBLE!!!

We have had the opportunity to share the wonderful tool of copying the Bible (creating handwritten copies in notebooks) for homeschooling our children. It has been such a blessing to our family. We were relatively inconsistent when we started several years ago, but now it is very much a part of the family fabric. When we miss a day, we really feel it.

Zak is in 1 Samuel 26, Abi in 2 Kings 12, Ben is 2 Kings 21, Sarah is in 1 Samuel 14, Solomon is in Exodus 26, Hannah is in 1 Samuel 24 , Joanna is in John 10 (she started in the New Testament), Rebekah is in Genesis 32 (she has restarted numerous times), Susanna is in Genesis 2:21, Noah is in Genesis 2:19. Mommy is in Leviticus and Daddy is lagging behind near the end of Genesis. (That is the problem for parents, being consistent and finding time. ) Dave and I have benefited from the process of copying, but we see it much more multiplied in each of the children.

We have really noticed a fluency and familiarity with the Bible and the context in which certain people lived. It is amazing to hear the kids discussing certain kings of Israel or Judah, opponents, and events. However, there are many insights into the Old Testament law and sacrifices that are gained, as well as connections with New Testament references and teachings. We hope to post more examples of this in the future.

The children really enjoy Bible copy time. They do get chatty (often about what they are copying), but its not something that you have to pull teeth to get them to do. It is our first priority after breakfast chores. We allow about 2 hours, which includes about 1/2 hour of checking their work, and some extra time for selecting a "favorite verse of the day". The favorite verses are to be shared during our evening devotions time.
For more information about Bible copying, you can look on our website for "Education of Kings" under Publishing or Audio. One of our favorite lines from the book is (paraphrase) "Copying the Bible produces two copies: a copy in a book, and a copy in the heart."
On New Year's Eve, Susanna said: "Since we're staying up all night, we should do Bible copy! Because its good to do, and its fun!"

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